RightHand Labs


Electronic Test Fixtures for Robotic Hands

RightHand Labs makes robotic grippers that can handle everyday objects. To ensure each ReFlex Hand is functional after manufacturing they designed and fabricated an electronic test fixture using the Voxel8 Developer’s Kit. The fixture enables testing of the embedded TakkTile Sensors in each robotic finger to ensure they are functioning correctly.

As each robotic finger comes back from the manufacturer with loose wires, a reliable way of attaching them to a test circuit was required. The Voxel8 Developer’s Kit was used to quickly fabricate an electronic circuit that could mechanically and electrically connect a microcontroller board and series of wires. Once connected an LED embedded in the fixture lights up to indicate a successful test.

Voxel8’s printing technology has enabled us to rapidly build reliable electro-mechanical test fixtures for our research products
— RightHand Labs


Design the electronic test fixture with multiple materials for the conductive and insulating parts. 


Send the digital design for printing and component insertion. 


Connect components to the test fixture to quickly confirm electrical function.