What makes the Voxel8 Developer’s Kit different from other 3D printers?

  • Current desktop 3D printers create parts from single materials, i.e., thermoplastic polymers or UV resins. Our Developer’s Kit consists of a desktop 3D electronics printer that can co-print two materials, including Voxel8’s proprietary conductive ink allowing you to rapidly create 3D electronics on your desk.

Is the Developer’s Kit compatible with additional materials?

  • The Developer’s Kit is designed to work with Voxel8 certified materials, which means the thermoplastic we ship along with the conductive silver ink that Voxel8 makes.

    NOTE: 3rd party materials are not officially supported and may cause issues with your print output and the machine itself.

What is the cost of consumables?

  • Multiple conductive ink cartridges and PLA spools are included in your original purchase. Pricing for consumables and other items can be found on the online Voxel8 store.

Where is the company located?


What is the difference between the order options?

  • Standard - this includes software, materials, hardware, and access to support.

  • Professional - this tier adds on more software features and additional support.

  • Enterprise - this tier adds private cloud software as well as more support for those that require it.

The comparison matrix can be found here.

Which countries are you certified to ship to?

  • We are currently authorized to ship to US, Canada, and Europe.

How much does shipping cost?

  • Shipping and handling is added to your purchase price when you buy the Developer's Kit. International orders may incur additional, custom import fees which customers will be responsible for in their respective regions.

What is the best way to enter a shipping address?

  • Voxel8 will contact you to verify the preferred address prior to shipping your printer.

    NOTE: Voxel8 will not ship to freight forwarders. We only ship direct to customers.

Will product ship internationally?

  • Currently the Voxel8 Developer' Kit is shipping only to US, Canada, and parts of Europe. As more interest grows in other regions, we will consider certifying materials and hardware for those respective regions.

    Additionally, international customers are responsible for arranging import, paying custom fees, and any other fees that may apply.

When will the product ship?

  • Voxel8 is currently manufacturing Developer's Kits and shipping to existing preorder customers from our queue. New orders will start shipping after these customers are serviced. For your existing order information, or new orders, please contact us.

Will Voxel8 offer test parts?

  • Voxel8 may consider certain test parts depending on the proposed application. Please contact us to discuss your idea for review and consideration.

When will the Developer's Kit order charge occur?

  • For new orders through the online store, you will be charged immediately on your credit card.

What are the warranty terms?


What is the conductivity of the Voxel8 conductive ink?

What annealing steps are necessary for the conductive ink?

  • None, the conductive ink is designed to exhibit exceptional electrical conductivity upon drying at room temperature. For more information about the ink, please see the Materials FAQ.

Why is your conductive ink better than others?

  • Our conductive ink is composed of silver particles, which have the highest known conductivity. The interactions between the silver particles have been tailored to create an ink with the desired flow properties for 3D printing. Many competing products are based on carbon particle-based inks, which are typically orders of magnitude lower in conductivity. Other competitors also may either require elevated processing temperatures, or do not retain their shape after deposition.

    For more information, refer to the materials section of the website, or ask us questions.

Can I use the same conductive ink cartridge for multiple prints?

  • Yes. Each 3cc conductive ink cartridge holds enough ink to print approximately 60 meters of trace. When you run out, you can order more from the Voxel8 store.

Is the conductive ink toxic?

  • Our conductive ink has been formulated to be safe for use by adults. It contains silver microparticles that are not readily absorbed into the body in the same way that silver nanoparticles are. However, it contains small amounts of organic solvents similar to those found in household cleaners, so care should be taken to avoid direct skin contact, ingestion, or vapor inhalation prior to the ink curing.

    Customers can find the SDS at

Is there a Safety Data Sheets available for materials?

  • Yes, SDS are available via where you can download information on both the conductive silver ink as well as the solvent shipped with the Developer's Kit. All SDS information is also printed and shipped along with the printer.


What is the printer’s specifications?

What is the X-Y resolution?

  • 15 microns.

What is the minimum pitch size and trace width of electrical components that can be interconnected?

  • Currently, the finest pitch size is 0.8 mm/31 mil. This is the pitch size for TQFP chip packages. We can do 0.25mm/10mil trace width reliably with the 250 µm micron dispense tip nozzles when ship with.

How does the printer switch between the two types of printed materials?

  • The printer prints layer-by-layer and alternates between matrix and conductor, as needed. The printer has wiping and purging stations for each head to ensure that the tips remain clean and primed.

Can the extrusion pressure be changed?

  • Yes, the extrusion pressure is adjustable in both the Voxel8 Dashboard software in the cloud, as well as the Control Interface locally on the machine.

What is the largest part that the Developer’s Kit can make?

  • When printing single material thermoplastic, the Developer's Kit printer has a build volume of 5.906” x 5.906” x 3.94” (i.e. 150 mm x 150 mm x 100mm). When printing both plastic and silver there is less space due to the "wiping tower" we print on the build plate to produce silver and reduce print failures.

Which gantry system is being used?

  • A novel implementation of CoreXY.

Does the printer have a heated build plate?

  • Yes. However, for the first matrix material released with the machine – PLA, the build plate does not need to be heated for most prints. The machine can print single material ABS, but we do not recommend printing ABS with the conductive silver as the heated chamber and build plate can effect your output quality.

Is the printer capable of auto-leveling?

  • Yes. The printer will be able to measure any tilt present in the build plate and compensate for it in software. This is possible, because our conductive ink print head is capable of moving in Z-axis independently of the matrix material head, and there is a laser profilometer attached to machine for z height alignment and calibration.


How much does the software cost?

  • With printer operation, you will receive access to Voxel8's cloud based slicer engine called Dashboard, the locally driven Voxel8 Control Interface, and the Voxel8 Printer UI via touchscreen on the machine.

    Note: Most Voxel8 software is cloud based, but we do offer a private cloud option (also known as "virtual fence") for additional charge and subscription.

    For design tools to use in conjunction with CAD, you will have access to Autodesk’s Project Wire, as well as the Voxel8 SolidWorks add-in we have developed. Other CAD programs can be used as well, with more design work.

Can 3rd party software be used with the Voxel8 Developer’s Kit?

  • Yes. Wire can import STL files which can be exported from almost any CAD program (e.g. Autocad, Solidworks, Maya, etc). Additionally the Voxel8 printer supports standard Gcode for manual printer control.

How are parts designed to be printed with the Developer’s Kit?

  • Autodesk’s Project Wire tool is the best way to integrate 3D models with embedded wires. You can create your 3D models using any external program and then use Project Wire to add embedded circuitry and electronic devices.

What slicing software is used?

  • Voxel8 has developed a custom toolpath planner called "Euclid", which allows you to harness the full potential of our multi-material 3D printing platform. It is part of the Voxel8 Dashboard software.

Are separate models needed for each material?

  • Yes. Each material is it's own separate .STL file from a CAD program when importing into the Voxel8 software pipeline. After designing using Autodesk's Project Wire, Voxel8 SolidWorks add-in, or other CAD package, you will have multiple STL files for silver, plastic, and components which will be sent into the Voxel8 Dashboard for slicing and generating custom gcode to print.

Will software be released as open source?

  • Some components of our toolpath planner will be contributed back to the community as open source libraries. Checkout our GitHub page for the latest on our open source projects: