Advanced Materials Expertise

Functional materials are at the heart of Voxel8's core technology. We are bringing over a decade of research from the materials science lab of Harvard Professor Jennifer A. Lewis to impact additive manufacturing. The Lewis Group has developed advanced materials for lithium-ion micro-batteries, stretchable electronics, 3D antennas, sensors for additive manufacturing at both the micro and macro production scale. Voxel8 is bringing these advanced technologies to market through our Developer’s Kit and key industrial partnerships.

Highly Conductive
Silver Ink

Our first commercially available material is a highly conductive silver ink formulated for printing 3D electronics. The Voxel8 silver ink has a bulk electrical resistivity below 5.0x10-7 Ω-m. Our ink is 20,000x more conductive than conductive filled-thermoplastic filaments and more than 5000x more conductive than carbon-based inks. Highly conductive inks are required for fabricating 3D electronics that have large operating currents.

    Voxel8 Conductive Ink

  • ~2,000,000 S/m

    Voxel8 conductive ink

  • Conductive Paste

  • ~400 S/m

    Conductive paste

  • Conductive Filament

  • ~100 S/m

    Conductive filament


The Voxel8 silver ink is designed to be self-supporting. When dispensed it can hold its filamentary shape, span gaps, and adhere to pins on electrical devices. 

Room Temperature Printing

Our silver ink dries quickly at room temperature yielding highly conductive electrode traces and interconnects without the need for thermal annealing. Hence, our conductive inks can be co-printed with a wide variety of thermoplastic materials.

Precision Ink Dispense

The Voxel8 silver ink is formulated for pneumatic deposition through a 250 micron nozzle. The pneumatic system uses compressed air, enabling controlled volumetric flow and clean starts and stops.


RF Performance

Materials are a key factor that affect RF performance and enable applications, such as 3D printed antennas. Our partner MITRE has been studying the RF performance characteristics of 3D antennas composed of materials printed using the Voxel8 Developer's Kit as a function of frequency, time, and temperature.

The electrical properties of the Voxel8’s PLA (dielectric constant and loss tangent) and Standard Silver ink (conductivity) were found to be relatively stable across frequency (DC to 18 GHz).

The detailed findings of the evaluation performed by
MITRE can be downloaded in the white paper below.

Partner with us

We partner with Fortune 500 companies to solve hard materials problems in additive manufacturing. We help our industrial partners manufacture high performance products using advanced materials. Interested in discussing collaboration? Reach out using the form below.

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