Voxel8 is one of the 2016 WEF Tech Pioneers

Voxel8 is honored to be named one of the 2016 Tech Pioneers by the World Economic Forum. 

"Voxel8 has created a multi-material 3D printer capable of printing embedded electronics and other novel devices. This 3D printer can print both highly conductive inks for circuits along with plastic. This method can print a project in one go and also reduces the number of materials used, simplifies the development of the object and allows perfect integration of electronics, thus reducing its final size."

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We're Shipping!

We're pleased to announce that we are now shipping the Voxel8 Developer's Kit 3D Printer! When we announced Voxel8 to the world in 2015 we were humbled by the response to our vision of enabling functional additive manufacturing with advanced materials.

Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), our first customer, said "We want the first one!" and today we are happy to say we’ve made that happen. We will be fulfilling our backlog of pre-orders as quickly as possible over the coming months. If you pre-ordered our Developer's Kit, you will soon receive an email update with the targeted ship date for your printer. 

Last Chance for Pre-order Pricing

Although we have moved into full product release, for a limited time we are offering the Developer's Kit at the pre-order price of $8999. Now is the last chance to access this pricing via our website or contact us directly to pay via purchase order. In addition to the standard Developer's Kit package, we now offer two additional packages for customers requiring extra support and software features. Our Professional package offers additional support as well as advanced toolpathing configuration options, while our Enterprise package offers a fully supported behind-the-fence software solution. See our store for further details.

Inside our Manufacturing Line

For those of you who are curious about how we manufacture the Developer's Kit, we have put together a short video. Many of the components are sourced and manufactured locally before final assembly, calibration, and burn-in take place at our facility in Somerville, MA. From there we ship to our customers around the world.

RAPID 2016 in Orlando, FL



Photo by Anouk WIPPRECHT

Photo by Anouk WIPPRECHT

Last week, Voxel8 had the pleasure of attending this year’s RAPID 2016 conference down in (mostly) sunny Orlando, Florida. 

At this year’s show,  it was a busy time, between the plethora of networking opportunities to be had, industry intelligence to gather, as well as demoing our latest production-spec printer, which is shipping to our pre-order customer queue very soon.

At this year’s event, we were showing off some of our latest internal functional prototypes including a 3D printed digital watch, multiple 3D printed antenna designs, 3D printed quadcopters, prototype electrical connectors, and more!

Karl Willis, VP of Product Development also delivered a talk during the week covering multi-material printing to deliver functional electronics. More info can
be found here.

We were very extremely pleased with the visitor traffic at our booth this year’s RAPID. We fully appreciate both existing customers, and interested parties for stopping by to discuss our company’s work in the multi-material and 3D electronics printing space!

We look forward to next year’s RAPID wherever it might be! See you then.

- The Voxel8 Team

Voxel8 Named one of MIT Technology Review's 50 smartest companies 2015

Voxel8 is proud to be named one of MIT Tech review's 50 Smartest Companies 2015, Listing companies with meaningful and impactful innovation in their field.

Having created what it calls the world’s first 3-D electronics printer, the startup is commercializing promising new materials like conductive ink.
  • 5,000 - Factor by which its inks improve conductivity, according to the company
  • — MIT Technology Review

    One of the 9 Best Ideas from CES 2015 - Fast Company

    "Another big limitation in 3-D printing is that, if you want to create an electronic device of any sort, you usually have to print the body in pieces, which will jigsaw together and sandwich themselves around the functional components.

    But at CES, a printer called Voxel8 demonstrated that it could print the plastic body and metal circuitry of a drone, all at once, with the wires actually printed inside the plastic. Voxel8 teases a near future in which they can print custom hearing aids to order. They also teamed with Autodesk to create an accessible looking modeling program called Project Wire for designers who’d like to try their own hand at printing electronics. "

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