We're Shipping!

We're pleased to announce that we are now shipping the Voxel8 Developer's Kit 3D Printer! When we announced Voxel8 to the world in 2015 we were humbled by the response to our vision of enabling functional additive manufacturing with advanced materials.

Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), our first customer, said "We want the first one!" and today we are happy to say we’ve made that happen. We will be fulfilling our backlog of pre-orders as quickly as possible over the coming months. If you pre-ordered our Developer's Kit, you will soon receive an email update with the targeted ship date for your printer. 

Last Chance for Pre-order Pricing

Although we have moved into full product release, for a limited time we are offering the Developer's Kit at the pre-order price of $8999. Now is the last chance to access this pricing via our website or contact us directly to pay via purchase order. In addition to the standard Developer's Kit package, we now offer two additional packages for customers requiring extra support and software features. Our Professional package offers additional support as well as advanced toolpathing configuration options, while our Enterprise package offers a fully supported behind-the-fence software solution. See our store for further details.

Inside our Manufacturing Line

For those of you who are curious about how we manufacture the Developer's Kit, we have put together a short video. Many of the components are sourced and manufactured locally before final assembly, calibration, and burn-in take place at our facility in Somerville, MA. From there we ship to our customers around the world.