Direct Write Materials Deposition

Voxel8’s novel inks are deposited by directly writing materials, whose flow is controlled by our on-board pneumatic system. The 250 micron nozzle is translated to precise 3D locations within the build volume. 

Closed Loop Control

A high precision distance sensor allows several operations to be automated for reliability. Our build plate is auto-leveled by measuring the Z distance at multiple locations. Alignment between printheads is established by measuring the profile of printed registration marks.


Accessible Design

Our printer is designed to be as accessible as possible, allowing you to see your parts from multiple angles as they are made. You can insert electrical components into parts directly on the printer or by removing the build plate for more room to work.

Kinematically Coupled Build Plate

3D electronics often require the ability to insert components within a part during the printing process.  The printer comes with a highly repeatable, kinematic coupling that allows you to remove the build plate, insert components, and continue printing right where you left off.


Rigid Aluminum Construction

A precisely crafted and assembled Core XY motion stage is mounted onto an extremely rigid machined aluminum chassis, with a durable anodized coating. During assembly, all of our motion stages are electronically tested for accuracy so that they produce dimensionally accurate, consistent prints every time.


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Printer Specifications


Printing Technology FFF, Pneumatic Direct Write
Build Volume 150 x 150 x 100 mm
Layer Resolution 200 microns
Filament Size 1.75 mm
Pause / Resume Prints Yes
Build Plate Kinematically Coupled, Heated
Conductive Trace Width 250 microns


Hosted Cloud
Supported Files STL
Connectivity WiFi, Ethernet
Supported Browsers Chrome, Firefox


Materials PLA, Conductive Silver Ink
Resistivity 5.00 × 10-7 Ω-m
Silver Ink Cure Time 5 minutes
               CT Scan of the electronic traces inside a 3d printed quadcopter

              CT Scan of the electronic traces inside a 3d printed quadcopter


Design & Control Software

Many of the software tools required for designing 3D electronics simply did not exist until now. Together with our software partner, Autodesk, we have developed new software for all stages of the 3D printing pipeline, from 3D electronics device design to machine control.


Autodesk Project Wire

The First Design Tool of Its Kind

Project Wire is a new software tool for designing 3D printable electronic devices that can be rapidly fabricated using the Voxel8 3D printer. Project Wire is a browser-based tool that allows users to import existing CAD models, add electronic components, and wire them in 3D.


An extensive set of electrical component models comes built into Project Wire. Space for components to be inserted is automatically subtracted, allowing embedded circuits to be created anywhere.



Wires can be drawn on the surface of models or embedded within objects to harness unique design and electrical properties. When creating freeform 3D wiring, Project Wire ensures traces are accurately aligned between layers for optimal conductivity.


The Autodesk Spark platform and the Voxel8 path planner integrate seamlessly to make creating a part from Project Wire as simple as clicking "print". To experience Project Wire, sign up for Voxel8 Dashboard and receive a Beta invitation in your email inbox. 


Voxel8's Software Stack



Euclid is the Voxel8 software responsible for turning a 3D model into tool path commands that the printer executes to build a part. Euclid was built from the ground up specifically for multi-material, direct write printing.


Our printer has WiFi connectivity, so you can upload, slice, and send your models to print from anywhere. You can also access the printer settings and status over the network, all through our dashboard interface.

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Create a Voxel8 Dashboard account today and experience the features and speed of our cloud-based slicing and control solution for multi-material printing.

By creating an account, you will also receive access to the
Autodesk Project Wire Beta.


User Interface

Voxel8's printer features a large 5" full color touch screen that provides printer status and operations at a glance.

Component Insertion

The printer knows when it is time for you to insert a component and will pause automatically. Once you have inserted the component, simply replace continue the print.